Our research on the art market and its ecology and on the developments and phenomena of the art scene are presented in various forms. We are particularly interested in infographics - being an emerging form of visual communication combining our passion for data mining, analytics and graphical communication. While some analyses and infographics have been commissioned most are based on our independent studies and research.




30 years after Jean-Michel Basquiat's short but remarkable appearance in the art world, Columbian-born Oscar Murillo has been praised as “the new Basquiat”. Already outlived Basquiat by one year and demonstrating a similar impressive exhibition resume and celebrity network, the prices for the works still have a bit to go….but then again, he is just 28 years old.




WeChat Social Media Game with TANC




Xu Zhen Style Evolution

Xu Zhen is a prolific conceptual artist who employs multiple subject matters and appears in various media and platforms. His works often derives from a series of socio-political issues with a sincere care of human conditions - human figures often played in his works with a sense of humor, where the audiences are invited to confront with such serious matters.




M+ Sigg Collection

Legendary art collector Dr. Uli Sigg has donated the major part of of his collection of Chinese contemporary art to Hong Kong's M+ Museum. The collection has been built up over more than three decades and is widely considered to be the most comprehensive collection of Chinese contemporary art in private hands anywhere in the world.